Boost your sense of well-being by rebalancing mind and body

Our bodies are complex in the way they function, they have an amazing ability to protect and heal themselves but sometimes a little assistance from a knowledgeable, well qualified therapist doesn't go amiss. Tight knotty muscles can begin to cause problems, the body starts to compensate and everything gets out of kilter. Most people can comprehend the direct contact of a traditional massage and the benefits it will give; reflexology and Hopi Ear Candling sometimes take a little more getting used to but an open mind and trust in our expert team can make for some serious relaxation and excellent therapeutic results.

Hot Stone Massage
Back, Neck & Shoulders £40
Full Body £60

Using targeted pressure points and spiralling movements the therapist skilfully uses the rocks to relieve muscular, physical and emotional tensions.

Indian Head Massage £45

Headaches, migraines, tension and stress can be effectively treated by this traditional Eastern treatment. Working on the shoulders, neck and scalp to calm and relax yet stimulate blood circulation and balance the body's energies.

Hopi Ear Candling £35

An ancient Indian therapy designed to calm, cleanse, relax and purify. Special candles made from natural beeswax, flax and a selection of essential oils, when lit, create a chimney effect, drawing out impurities. They also equalise pressure in the head and ears, therefore are extremely good for sinus problems, tinnitus, colds and migraines.

Reflexology £48

Performed exclusively on the feet, this treatment allows the therapist to recognise problematic areas by working on specific points and encouraging stimulation of the body's own healing system, restoring balance.

  • Just to say a big thank you for a lovely afternoon. The treatments were gorgeous and so relaxing! I'll be booking in again soon.
  • This spa is great value for money. We were both so relaxed after the treatments, which were wonderful and we will definitely be recommending you to family and friends.
  • Thank you for such a memorable experience on our recent spa day, made special by your caring professionalism.
  • Thank you very much for a lovely spa day - my mother and partner had an amazing time from start to finish. I'm sure they will be returning soon and I may join them next time too! Thanks once again.
  • I just wanted to express my thanks at the amazing afternoon me and my husband spent at Oxley's. The service we experienced was fantastic and the treatments were wonderful.
  • Thank you all for a lovely spa day. The day just got better and better as it went on!! I am sure we will see you again.
  • My husband and I will definitely be returning to Oxley's in the near future and we have highly recommended the spa to family and friends!
  • The service was fantastic and our treatments were wonderful. The therapists were very professional and attentive.
  • My future daughter-in-law and I had a wonderful spa day - thank you. The quality of the products and treatments was superb, as was our therapist.
  • You can only imagine how happy I was when I received one of your gift cards from my husband for my birthday. I had a wonderful day being pampered. Thank you so much!
  • Oxley's is a beautiful place but without the wonderful staff it wouldn't be the same. Everyone was so kind and helpful and the treatments were very relaxing.
  • The location is beautiful, the relaxation area wonderful, the treatments are out of this world, the facilities are superb and the ambience is just the most relaxing I've ever experienced!!
  • Three of us enjoyed a wonderful spa day and we can't recommend you highly enough. The service was exceptional and every member of staff was helpful, friendly and professional. The treatments were amongst the best we've ever had!
  • The best massage and facial I have ever had! The experience was so relaxing and most enjoyable, thank you.
  • We had a lovely day - the treatments were amazing and we left feeling so relaxed. The staff were all lovely and the surroundings idyllic.
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